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Music Masters sponsored a Woodwind sectional at Cocopah Middle School on Tuesday, 22 November 2016.


Scottsdale’s finest music store for over 25 years

Come see for yourself our fine musical wares.

Your liaison for lessons, certified instruction for all ages,

from hopeful beginners to musical sages.


Come muster your heart with your favorite song,

you can master your art, or just plan along.

Musical gifts for the musically gifted,

books full of notes will inspire…souls lifted.


Banjos, guitars, ukuleles, recorders

just waiting for muses like you to give orders.

Trumpets and saxes, trombones and french horns,

for sale or for rent so that you may perform.


Clarinets, keyboards, flutes, fifes and drums,

you play the tunes while your audience hums.

A song for all seasons, played largo or faster,

harmonies, melodies enchant Music Masters.