Music Masters offers a diverse array of programs to meet your music education needs, from private instruction to larger ensembles. Since our goal is to nurture and inspire the development of the complete musician, we have classes for infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults. Our classes range from whole body movement classes for toddlers, to music theory and history lectures for adults.

We are pleased to announce intermediate string ensembles starting on Saturdays in August 2016. We have two ensembles: one for children ages 5-7, and one for children ages 8-12.

In September 2016, Music Masters introduces “Jump Start” for students taking band or orchestra for the first time. Students will join others who are also starting the same instrument for a 30-minute class once a week. These sectionals will help students learn to play their instrument more quickly, as well as covering basic instrument care. Band and orchestra directors do not have as much time with students as in the past, and cannot devote time to sectionals, and individual instruction. Our program literally provides students with a jump start on learning their instrument.

Our Lunch-and-Learn lecture series (on Wednesdays at noon) is on hold until September. Look for the lecture series schedule in August! If you have any music topics you want addressed, please contact Deborah Crall at